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Project Description
This module is used to create a slide deck/presentation using DotNetNuke, Knockout.js and the jmpress.js jquery port of impressjs. You can see it in action in this youtube video. This first release allows you to create slides, but there isn't an easy way to edit slides, and there is no way to reorganize slides.


  • Ability to create Slides
  • Uses JMPRESS.JS for presentation
  • Uses CONTENT ITEMS for data storage/retrieval
  • Source package uses C# and Visual Studio 2012 RC

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Known Issues

  • Only way to edit a slide is to modify query strings, required knowledge of the ContentItemId from DB
  • Currently only implements knockout.js for loading the VIEW
  • Requires some specific CSS for positioning, you may have to adjust your skin.
  • Developed against DotNetNuke 6.2.2, minimum required version

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